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Raoul Teeuwen

Ik las over een andere studie en mailde 1 van de betrokken onderzoekers, Jeffrey Olgin:


As someone having afib episodes, i am looking for a watch that does continuous measurements and reports me about afib episodes.

I found the study at https://www.heartrhythmjournal.com/article/S1547-5271(21)00318-0/fulltext .

I understand currently there are no (reasonable priced) solutions. I also understand the study was quit successful.

Do you know whether Samsung is planning to offer an (paid? Subscription model?) afib monitoring service?

I purchased a Polar H10 strap, but can’t find a way to use that to continuously monitor for afib.

I would be interested in being included in follow up research etc”

I received a reply (nice): “I am not aware whether they will or not. Jeff”