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Raoul Teeuwen

Ik heb in mijn zoektocht o.a. contact opgenomen met dr Olivier Faust, nadat ik had gevonden dat hij recent onderzoek had gedaan, met de vraag of hij van een continue afib meting wist voor ‘normale consumenten’. Zijn reactie:

“I don’t know of any currently available consumer products which can monitor AFIB 24/7. The longest observation duration I came across is 2 weeks [1].

Our technology [2] can extend the observation duration indefinitely. However, we are currently verifying the technology in clinical trials. Therefore, it is not yet commercially available.


[1] https://irhythmtech.co.uk/patient/
[2] Faust, O., Ciaccio, E. J., & Acharya, U. R. (2020). A review of atrial fibrillation detection methods as a service. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(9), 3093.”